AdaptersTechX is an ongoing series of video vodcasts, in-depth podcasts and on-location reports that focuses on the impact of technology on the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sector – now and into the future. Our team’s mission is to track down the experts and Gutsy Genius Thinkers who are innovating, developing, driving and utilizing technology to drive business, smooth processes and build stronger relationships – tackling a wide range of topics including AI, PMS systems, cloud storage, SAAS. E-comm strategies, cyber security, payment solutions, HR tech, project management apps and so much more.

Adapters TechX – Quick Hits

We plug in to the influencer, innovators and early adopters of tech in travel, tourism, hospitality as well as looking over the horizon at what is to come. This vodcast series you will meet some very special and, sometimes surprising, guests who are creating, reinventing and using technologies in often new and interesting ways. All this in under 10 minutes too! If you want more, Seán Worker also dives deeper with each guest with the accompanying Extended Podcast.

Adapters TechX – Extended Podcast

Want a deeper dive with each TechX guest – well, the Extended Podcast is just for you. Whether you are in tech or a user of tech or you would just like the complicated to be a little more understandable, then this audio podcast series might be just what you have been listening out for. It’s not all about technology either– with each show we set out to find out more about the people that make it possible. Listen to all episode on Libsyn or YouTube.

Adapters TechX – On the Spot

Adapters TechX does get out of the studio too. We get to some of the leading industry events to to meet with the innovators and users of technology in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality. These short, sharp one-on-one interviews tap into the “buzz” and key issues being discussed at the event as well as the personal insights and predictions of individuals driving change and innovation in the sector.