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The Adapters :Galway and  Dublin, Ireland. Cities are not only witnessing innovation and adaptation in the business sector, but are also actively embracing these changes. Galway, in particular, has taken a unique approach by utilizing its “followers” in Dublin to drive economic growth.


A new method for producing cement uses industrial waste and automation to reduce the cement needed to make concrete. A Finnish company, Caronaide is well on its way.


A recent survey by Censuswide and Flipdish has found that the mental health of those working in the hospitality industry is worse than at the height of the pandemic. The survey found that 45 per cent of respondents ask staff to work longer hours, and that the high number of vacancies is adding to the pressure on those who are still employed.

Recovery Travel Tech

How is your company adapting and innovating? Responding or reacting? By Sean Worker Edited from an original publication for HoCoSo   In 2020, customers, consumers, clients, guests and users’ expectations …