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You may delay, but time will not.”

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN – Inventor, Statesman, Founding Father, Polymath

Benjamin Franklin

Boston and Philadelphia. USA

We were lucky enough to connect with Ben Franklin recently. He referred us to his extensive archive of ideas and inventions, which says a lot about this GGT. Much like our other GGTs, he is always Adapting and Innovating. As a media visionary of the scale of Ted Turner or Rupert Murdoch, he leveraged the notion of franchising through “silent partnerships” (franchisees) with printers up and down the East Coast of America. Not unlike Ray Kroc (Founder, McDonald’s) or Chris Nassetta, CEO Hilton, Ben leveraged his approved supply chain to his franchisees by manufacturing and distributing ink and paper, as McDonald’s does with brand-standard burgers. He stepped down as CEO of his printing business at the age of 42 and continued to live off the proceeds for the rest of his life.

As GGTs are never satisfied with the status quo, his next 42 years (BF died at 84) were hectic and varied. He went on to disrupt business markets, invent and contribute to his community by establishing the first public library, fire company, hospital, militia, night watch (police), and university. He invented the lightning rod (more money), served as a Colonial Governor, Ambassador to France, attended the USA constitutional congress, and contributed to and edited the American Constitution. In his spare time, Ben led a very colorful personal life, became a significant philanthropist, and learned to speak French fluently.


Ben’s Adapters Tips

    • Use facts and reason to support your ideas. Passion is important, but it doesn’t give people the reason they need to give you their support
    • Check yourself to determine whether you rely more on force or reason to get things done as a manager
    • He who waits upon Fortune is never sure of a dinner
    • Well done is better than well said
    • Seek first to manage yourself, then manage others
    • Create solutions for seemingly impossible problems
    • Become a revolutionary for experimentation and change