Gutsy Genius Thinker

“Now more than ever, leaders have too instil confidence and manage their teams, so they feel properly supported to not only survive, but thrive.”

President, Sage Hotel Management

Daniel del Olmo

Denver, USA

Daniel has operated or engaged in business in over seventy countries over the span of a twenty-plus-year career. Talk about adapting on a major scale! He exhibits the qualities of many of the featured GGTs in that he has high EI, BI, and Community drive. He views himself as a servant leader and believes in returning more to the community than he receives. Outside of work, he volunteers at Liberty Children’s Home and Pandemonium Productions for children.

We interviewed Daniel early in the C-19 crisis and a couple of weeks after he joined Sage Hotel Management as its president. Like most hotel companies, Sage was reeling from the drop in demand, and Daniel was as concerned about ensuring that his team and customers were at the top of the list of priorities as he was about managing cash flow—a true servant leader.

At Sage, they view themselves as a “collective of relationship-driven individuals and hoteliers that define experiential hospitality and believe in the power of developed relationships.” In The Adapters, we have focused extensively on having strong EI skills, balanced with Business Process and Business Intelligence to Get Stuff Done. Daniel is quoted a number of times in both segments and is worth re-reading. We feel the evolving style of leadership has to balance the expectation of capital returns with the investment in people—with employees and customers. The blend of on-site and a distributed workforce is leaning toward trend rather than fad. Leaders will have to manage both.

Daniel is currently responsible for leading a team of six thousand associates across a portfolio of over fifty branded, lifestyle, and luxury hotels, with nearly twelve thousand guest rooms in twelve states across the United States. The post-C-19 era and the 4th Age of Change will demand a different set of skills, as we noted. Please take time to dig into Daniel’s verbatim interview in the book. Be a servant leader – really care about the individuals in your team and empower them to make a difference.

Daniel’s Adapters Tips

  • In unprecedented times, you have to think and act nimble, agile, and scrappy
  • Differentiate yourself within your market by caring in a general sense and by recognizing people. Technology can help achieve that
  • Bring art and science together to amplify your experience
  • Don’t let the common and conventional norms in your industry define you—what can you do differently than some of the others out there?
  • You can only activate experiential hotels if you involve the community around you in a meaningful way