“A real time snapshot of our industry on what is hopefully the waning months of the most existential threat to our survival with the global pandemic.”

Jim Alderman – CEO, Radisson Hotels

326 pages

Digital and hard copy

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“Finally, you don’t have to read fairy tales of a gifted handful on their almost non-repeatable unicorn journeys but see examples from the trenches, from those, that do it every day with passion, love and dedication. Stories I can relate to as an investor and businessman myself.”

Sascha Hausmann – General Partner, Howzat Partners

In travel, tourism or hospitality? This book is for you.

If you have already picked it up off the shelf or downloaded the sample from your digital content provider – THANKS!

The Adapters is more than a business book. It’s a continuing series of works leveraging the power of new media to enhance the learning experience. for those new to business as well as seasoned veterans.

It’s about, and for, all the hardworking and smart people in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (TT&H) universe: hotels, alternative accommodations, tour operators, airlines, cruises, restaurants, bars, associations, and professional bodies, as well as food truckers, educators, and all the suppliers that keep the wheels spinning and make it possible for us all to travel for business and fun. It’s also for anyone in the services business that wants a LOOK OVER THE FENCE at how other industries think about their problems and how they adapt or innovate to solve them.

If you think this doesn’t apply to you and you’re considering moving on, wait just a minute!

As you’ll discover TT&H is a pretty large piece of the full economic puzzle, and what we talk about here is important to understanding the interconnected world of all business. Our Formula for Success that we discuss at length can be applied to any industry and to any position or level of authority, to any moment on a reader’s progression along his or her career ladder, from still looking for that ladder, to nearing the top.

What’s in it for you?
The Adapters has blended traditional writing with today’s technology to allow you more access to where our information, interpretations, and extrapolations come from. With the purchase of every book you get access to exclusive PREMIUM CONTENT here on – linking the printed page to digital content of in-depth conversations with industry thought leaders and to a growing library of resource materials and insights. With The Adapters you are getting an ever-growing package of knowledge in one easily accessible container.

What else?
Unlike a lot of prosey business books, we don’t just tell you stuff! Nor do we leave our readers hanging, wondering “what’s next?” and “just how do I practically use what you’ve just read?” Along with their actual words and video conversations you will see and hear how what we call our Gusty Genius Thinkers (GGTs) put these ideas and principles into practice, and give you Scribble Zones to capture thoughts and promote your own notions. We also include a healthy portion of Tips and Takes, Traps to Avoid, and ways to help determine if you’re on the right path to where you want to go.

And one more thing…
The content of The Adapters is applicable, no matter where we are in the scheme of world events and, of course, we can’t ignore today’s headlines. We will put our work here in the context of today’s unprecedented events, and offer thoughts on how to move forward. We’ll even give you the opportunity to see how our GGTs’ initial responses to the COVID crisis turned out, as they provide frank and straightforward updates to the interviews they conducted with our team.

So, what do you think? Are you in?