Gutsy Genius Thinker

“I’ve always stayed close to that desperation, I’ve never felt like I got too soft because I’m always feeling I’m going out of business”

ANTHONY MELCHIORRI – Hospitality Expert and Keynote Speaker; TV Host and Executive Producer; Creator and Host – Hotel Impossible; President of Argeo Hospitality

Anthony Melchiorri

New York City, USA

Energy and grit, that’s Anthony. This guy is an Adapter on steroids and a must-listen expert in hospitality. Working his way up to a Hotel General Manager, then learning how to be a “different brain” as  SVP Asset Management at Tishman Hotels was transforming, but not enough. As he says himself, he’s an “emotional guy” so doing “stuff” by the book was hard for him. After about 25 years in the business and getting closer to 50 years old, he had itchy feet, so his daughter suggested he get on TV. Fast forward, and the irony was, that he had a movie made before the TV show.

As he commented, “if you notice over the last probably eight, ten years where you’re a “founder of this” or “something and founder”. Before we used to call that entrepreneurs, and it’s much cooler to be a founder”. Fast forward and Anthony developed a “sizzle reel” to pitch his new show (think pitch for start-up funding) but the show did not get picked up. Anthony kept pivoting until IT DID. No giving up for Anthony.

This is a story of tenacity, energy and focus on the end game. For many of us transitioning careers is tough let alone changing your entire life to follow a dream in or around middle age, this takes guts with a bit of genius thrown in. He connected with so many of the shows participants because he understood that some were on the edge of losing their dream, but with effort and Adaptation, anything is possible, not impossible. Anthony is a vocal advocate for the Travel and Hospitality sector, click through to watch and listen to a passionate fella.

Anthony’s Adapters Tips

  • Drive revenue
  • Hunt for mentors
  • “Don’t piss off the hedge fund guy in New York”
  • Remember, adapting can be painful. “I got thrown out four times and we still got the show”.
  • “We should feel liberated to do what the hell you want to do. Now we all realize we’re walking around with masks and gloves on and we’re not leaving houses. So if you’re not doing what is in your heart now, what the f**k were you waiting for?”