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GREG JUCEAM – President, G6 Hospitality

Greg Juceam

Chicago, USA

As President and COO of G6 Hospitality, which was purchased by Blackstone in 2021, Greg Juceam is transforming the business that owns Motel 6, Studio 6, and will be known internationally as Hotel 6 and Estudio 6. “The real story for us is that we’re a 58-year-old brand that everyone knows, which has had a renaissance over the last two years.” In addition to transforming and adapting his business, C-19 has had an extraordinary impact on the community that he serves.

Greg is a humble, energetic leader that has little or no inclination in sugar coating his message. For context, we chatted with Greg early in the rise of the pandemic. G6 is an economy brand and was witnessing a rise in demand from families that were already being displaced from their homes due to financial difficulties. He spoke at length about the displacement issues. “We are passionate about serving our community; we can help families transition until they find their footing again due to being a high-value economy brand. Our Teams really feel we are helping.”

Juceam, in addition to his day job, is Chairman of the AHLA Foundation. Created in 1953 as the charitable, not-for-profit affiliate of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), the Foundation has distributed more than $27.5 million. As Greg noted when asked about the mission of the Foundation, “We keep the industry’s talent pipeline filled by funding scholarships, workforce development programs, and school-to-career outreach that launch careers and provide our member hotels with the talent they need to succeed over the long term.” This is a powerful way to nurture and inspire the future of the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality sector.

Prior to joining G6 Hospitality, Juceam served as CEO of BRE Hotels and Resorts, a non-listed real estate investment trust focused on the ownership of upscale, extended-stay, and select-service hotels.

Greg’s Adapters Tips

  • As a brand, there’s a lot you can learn through failure
  • Value equation is something that we absolutely must deliver; otherwise you’re not going to be differentiated from all the other low-cost providers
  • With customers, we want to understand not just what they wanted, but what they were willing to pay for it
  • It’s simple: today, investors are looking for an opportunity to meet an unmet demand