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The thing is that we are calling people that are happily employed, doing a great job, and being well paid for it. So, it’s all about an opportunity, not a job. It’s never about a job.”

GUY LEAN – Managing Director, Madison Mayfair

Guy Lean

London, UK

Like all leaders in business, it is all about building knowledge and figuring out what your business will excel at, what market problems you are solving. Guy, a GGT, focuses his considerable tenacity on solving Talent gaps and sourcing “impact players” for his clients. His foundation was in training and talent development, and it shows in his practice.

Today’s executive search firms should be an integral part of a business’s support system to build culture to deliver on the mission and financial outcomes of the business. “It’s about making a difference.” It’s striking that Guy and his team seek “impact players.” This narrows the field considerably because the onus is on the candidate to prove this to a potential employer. However, as Guy shared in his interview, the company must “have a [clear] mission and goals or a vision really know what is needed in a team member. Do you know what you actually do?” In order to convince an “Impact Player” to join, regardless of C-19 or not, mission content and clarity are paramount.

He is also straight up; another common trait of our GGTs. He promotes that his client will engage and get an advisor, guidance counselor, and a business partner. His commitment is that they will find the truth about a candidate to ensure that they will be positively impactful.

C-19 has certainly impacted his business. He has had to adapt and scale his office to match current demand. There is a pivot to mandates seeking Asset Managers and agile leaders that are capable of handling crises. Not all leaders are wartime thinkers. Brexit has also had an impact, with several middle-level managers returning to their home countries to secure a job there. He believes that there will be a “shortage of qualified staff at a certain level” post-BREXIT and C-19

Guy is as passionate about his company as he is about cycling down a mountain on his mountain bike. GGTs take risks – calculated ones, of course.

Guy’s Adapters Tips

  • As a candidate, be prepared. Be clear on what you are good at and what you are not
  • Be prepared to be tested; don’t be shocked. Clients ask good questions; you need solid scenario-based examples
  • Build credibility; trust will follow
  • Everything you do, just do it 1% better every time
  • Employers, focus your attention on keeping the “impactful players” you have; it’s well worth your efforts