The Adapters :Galway and  Dublin, Ireland. Cities are not only witnessing innovation and adaptation in the business sector, but are also actively embracing these changes. Galway, in particular, has taken a unique approach by utilizing its “followers” in Dublin to drive economic growth. Credit goes to the Galway Chamber of Commerce, led by CEO Kenneth Deery and Galway Chamber President Dermot Nolan, for their commendable efforts.

Recently, the #GalwayChamberCommerce organized a gathering at the Bank of Ireland, College Green, in the historic House of Lords chamber. This event brought together over 90 community leaders and business professionals from the greater Dublin area. The primary objective was to establish connections with individuals who have ties to #Galway, encouraging them to contribute to the city’s mission and seek their support and participation in enhancing its prosperity.

Galway boasts the highest employment rates in Ireland and is experiencing rapid growth. The city embraces adaptability and innovation as core principles, evident in initiatives like the PorterShed (start-up enabler) Mary Rodgers and the Innovation Hubs at #NUIGalway #ATUATU Galway Cait Noone FIHI Orla Flynn. These projects provide platforms for product development and entrepreneurial empowerment.

The Galway Chamber of Commerce has made a shrewd move by capitalizing on the abundance of success stories in the region. By nurturing this growth trajectory, they aim to scale up their ambitions and further elevate Galway’s economic standing.

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The Adapters Tips and Takes:

  1. Craft a clearly defined mission statement that conveys a positive tone and emphasizes tangible outcomes.
  2. Adopt a proactive and positive approach to actively engage important stakeholders, including business and community leaders, local influencers, policy makers, and government officials at regional and national levels.
  3. Embrace a global perspective. Take inspiration from Galway’s approach of reimagining their target stakeholder market and leveraging the power of their emotionally connected and influential diaspora in the Dublin capital. This invaluable resource can unlock opportunities and support the mission of your organization.
  4. Utilize case studies effectively. Learn from the Galway GCC’s strategy of showcasing influential figures who have achieved success and exemplify the vision, such as Mary Roger, CEO of the thriving “start-up” innovation hub called “PorterShed,” as well as academics like Cait Noone of ATU. Sharing their success stories can inspire others and reinforce the mission’s credibility.
  5. Foster effective communication. Regularly update stakeholders on both progress and challenges encountered, maintaining transparency and balance. Building momentum and consistency in communication are key to establishing strong connections and achieving desired results.