Gutsy Genius Thinker

“A great business plan without talent doesn’t work. Talent without a business plan might work once in a while, but tends to fail often.”

KEITH KEFGEN – Managing Director & CEO, AETHOS Consulting Group

Keith Kefgen

New York City, USA

Experts abound in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, and Aethos have placed many “experts” in their roles. The Adapters believe that EI + BI,  when used in combination, is a powerful culture energizer. Like many of the Adapters in this book, Keith is not at all bashful to share what he believes is the best fit for your company or the state of the industry. As a strategic partner to many firms, he noted that the companies that he works with have slowed searches “because people just don’t have line of sight” into how C-19 will influence the market.” It’s hard to solve a people problem when you have no idea what you are trying to solve for!

Depending on the source of the mandate, Aethos notes that most mandates start with a similar demand as he commented, “We always say when clients are telling us about what they’re looking for in an individual, it’s someone that tends to have a cape and an ‘S’ on their chest”. Calling all super women and men – give Keith a call; he may have a home for you

Pre-C-19, the tech Start-up world “pressured the other public companies and the other more traditional companies to think more like fast-moving growth organizations, and they don’t have time to be thinking about 10 and 20 years out,” which may have impacted their natural growth cycles. This has led to some unrealistic demands on non-starts to monetize. Post C-19, no one knows; the deckchairs have been blown overboard. Keith and the Aethos team have weathered many storms and have a clear and rigorous process to select the right talent for the right time.

Keith’s Adapters Tips

  • Take time to talk with clients, and make sure that you understand where they are going and what they’re trying to do
  • Be who you are in Interviews
  • Expect executive search technology to enable placements to occur within days, not months in the future. Be clear; your social profile matters
  • Be a Start-up of YOU – Reid Hoffman said that