Gutsy Genius Thinker

Be transparent with your employees, lenders, and other stakeholders, and build a no-nonsense business plan.

Managing Partner & Founder, Silverstone Capital Advisors

Mark Greenberg

Cincinnati, USA

Mark is a passionate problem solver and operates in a world that requires the ability to make sense of complex financial and transaction challenges. As an experienced Investment Banker and Advisor, his firm is dealing with the dark days of companies facing the most complex of decisions due to C-19, including how to survive economic destruction. However, his clients have also benefited from the pandemic as Mark’s products and services have satisfied new demand.

We talked with Mark about the challenges facing business, and the function and formation of Boards came up frequently. GGTs are politely direct, and Mark is no exception. “I am frequently engaged in a strategic planning capacity by shareholders and boards. They are seeking to understand company dispositional alternatives, including equity monetization, and Boards are oftentimes lacking business capability and governance skills to navigate such matters.” Greenberg also observed that he sees that it is mostly men, with a “severe” shortage of women either at the Board or CEO level to offer balanced thinking. All companies want growth, and this means having a sound foundation to build off.

He is an active member of his community and sits on several Boards. Mark is also known to have an occasional glass of Italian wine in his hand!

Mark’s Adapters Tips

  • Make sure you have a strong board – even a small company must build a strong, balanced board
  • Deal with anomalies and problems quickly
  • Plan for leadership succession
  • Be transparent
  • Hire a professional investment banker early in your sale process. Businesses are rarely sold to the buyer that you had anticipated
  • Be diverse
  • Manage cash aggressively