The Adapters

The Adapters seeks out the Gutsy Genius Thinkers leading, operating and influencing the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sector. In a regular series of vodcasts and podcasts as well as on-the-spot reports and interviews from industry events, we look at how the adapters and innovators are surviving and succeeding in a turbulent world. We also “look over the fence” to learn from what’s happening in adjacent industries and how what’s happening elsewhere might impact on the TTH sector. All this with practical Tips & Takes you can use in your business right now.

Adapters TechX

AdaptersTechX is an ongoing series of video vodcasts, in-depth podcasts and on-location reports that focus on the impact of technology on the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality sector – now and into the future. Our team’s mission is to track down the experts and Gutsy Genius Thinkers who are innovating, developing, driving and utilizing technology to drive business, smooth processes and build stronger relationships – tackling a wide range of topics including AI, PMS, SAAS. E-comm strategies, cyber security, payment solutions, HR, project management and more.

Adapters GreenX

 Our latest show is Adapters GreenX, which sets out to track down, inform and present insights from the top sustainability thinkers, policy makers and innovators in Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, and the services sectors. We get up close and personal with the people and companies that are  developing, adapting and utilizing processes and technology to optimize their business while minimising harm to our planet.