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PIERS BROWN – Founder & CEO, International Hospitality Media

Piers Brown

London, UK

Piers singlehandedly brought a voice and a marketplace to the serviced apartment space, which includes CoLiving, CoWorking, boutique hotels, and connected hospitality tech to the category. As a journalist, media marketer, publisher, and much more, his leadership has a community-centric connection. His business was affected by C-19, as many have been. Piers and his team adapted quickly to launch meaningful live webinars with real content. By mixing expertise and disciplines such as investors, tech thinkers, property managers, and more, his team facilitated a give-before-you-get attitude to the community he serves.

At The Adapters, we have focused on the importance of balancing EI (Emotional Intelligence), BI (Business Intelligence), and C (Community). Piers has integrated all three elements into his business. Two of his editors are under thirty years of age and have thrived during the C-19 crisis, including being promoted. Piers and his business partner George Sell, despite market pressure, kept a level head.

They understood that virtual or semi-virtual meetings were evolving anyway, and he noted, “I believe that the way people do business over time will be disrupted too. And you know, this technology that we’re using is perhaps an example of how meetings are going, you know, online. It’s what is happening with the client of ours.”

A key learning from chatting with Piers is that “any business must listen and allow people to go with the ideas that they are truly passionate and care about.” Hopefully with some profit thrown in.

He has now “adapted” again and aggregated many of his events under one umbrella event—“the Urban Living Festival.” This is set to be launched in November 2020 as a hybrid in-person and digital event.

Piers’ Adapters Tips

  • Know your core and keep a flexible business model
  • Know your customers and put them at the center—stay nimble; sometimes small and medium-sized is ideal
  • Don’t be afraid to ultimately make decisions that perhaps you don’t want to. It’s a business decision, and some are not popular. Focus on the profitable products, not the shiny ones
  • Listen, and allow people to go with ideas they are passionate about