Gutsy Genius Thinker

“Be a storyteller, not a waffler.”

CEO & President, Remington Hotels

Sloan Dean

Dallas, USA

As an industrial engineer and math guy, Sloan Dean learned over the years to be adaptable. As a driven GGT and leader, Sloan realized early that simply being smart was table stakes – developing as a leader required building people skills. We refer frequently in The Adapters to the requirement as a leader to have the capability to connect EI with BI. The balanced approach to nurturing an adaptive and successful culture is critical mutual-value creation. During our interview, it was abundantly clear that Sloan is a focused and determined leader.

We do not believe that Sloan has ever hidden his ambition to run a company. But here’s the difference: Sloan actively engaged an executive coach to build up his management skill over six years ago, and it has clearly paid off. As he said during our interview, “Once you get to become VP or SVP for institutional companies, those are all table stakes [Education and training]. And so, the differentiation that happens from a VP to CEO is all leadership and communication.”

So why should you QR Code through to the Adapters’ recorded session? Because Sloan is so up front about the challenges he is working on. He did not hide the fact that he wanted to grow, and came across as slightly “arrogant” as he went on to comment,

“It’s a delicate balance between being aggressive and, at the same time, realizing that you can only get to a CEO-type position, particularly at a young age, by motivating and empowering people. And so, somewhere in my early thirties, I pivoted from being a high-output individual where I was always just striving to be better than my peers, but where I was trying to motivate, empower, and inspire my peers. And I think that’s a big pivot for a lot of folks, because most people are just, ‘Wow, I want to be better than the other manager’.”

Most people would never be this honest and forthright. Based on our interviews, the post-C-19 era is demanding this level of transparency and genuine drive to evolve by including your family and teams in the process. No BS – just do!

Sloan’s Adapters Tips

  • Network like hell
  • Ask the real and tough questions in meetings and interviews
  • Curiosity is a differentiator
  • Sometimes you must step down one level to gain the experience to be who you want to be