Weekly video podcasts from the team as well as reports from industry events – quick, bite-sized news updates on what’s happening in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, as well as a look over the fence to other sectors that are innovating and adapting. 

The Adapters on the Road – Reporting from the Urban Living Festival 2022, London

The Adapters meet Piers Brown at the Urban Living Festival 2022. Reporting from London for No Vacancy News.
Urban Living Festival 2022. Paul Rands, Future of Hospitality Institute.
Urban Living Festival 2022. Julie Rey Gore, Questex
Urban Living Festival 2022. Steve Lowy, Anglo Education Services
Urban Living Festival 2022. Valentina Shegoyan, Reach UK and Second Century Ventures.
Urban Living Festival 2022. Natalia Kolotneva, LaSalle Investment Management.
Urban Living Festival 2022. Gillian Breen, Gleeds.

The Adapters – Take 5 

The Hospitality Workforce Shortage. Where’s the adaption and innovation?

Take 5+1 – The Next Stage with Alex Khajavi, Questex (Part 1)

Take 5+1 – The Next Stage with Alex Khajavi, Questex (Part 2)

Take 5+1 – Innovation and Adaption in the Conference Sector. With Harry Javer.

Conferences are Back. But how are they adapting?

Take 5 – Life as a Travel Industry Leader. How tough is it now?

Take 5 – Is the the End of Lockdown? Out and about in New York City.

Take 5 – Is it Time to Reimagine Cities? What’s happening in the City of London?

Take 5 – Ghost Kitchens. The hunger games.

Take 5 – Ireland. Working from anywhere.
Take 5 – Cruising. Getting back on board.
Take 5 – Party on Barcelona. Covid-19 free gig.

Sean and Glenn have carefully crafted a leadership roadmap that sits at the intersection of self-development and “real world” business practices, by celebrating genius leaders, attention grabbing facts, a bit of irreverence and much needed humor, The Adapters is a must read for all hospitality leaders and students.”

Rob Palleschi – CEO, G6 Hospitality LLC