The Adapters seeks out the Gutsy Genius Thinkers leading, operating and influencing the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sector. In a regular series of vodcasts and podcasts as well as on-the-spot reports and interviews from industry events, we look at how the adapters and innovators are surviving and succeeding in a turbulent world. We also “look over the fence” to learn from what’s happening in adjacent industries and how what’s happening elsewhere might impact on the TTH sector. All this with practical Tips & Takes you can use in your business right now.

The Adapters – Quick Hits

Gets you up close and personal with the leaders, movers and shakers of travel, tourism, hospitality and beyond. This vodcast series features a special guest who brings their unique perspective, experience and insights to each show, as well as invaluable Tips & Takes. All this in under 10 minutes too! If you want more, Seán Worker also dives deeper with each guest with the accompanying Extended Podcast.

The Adapters – Extended Podcast

Seán Worker takes a deeper dive with each guest to find out how they got where they are today, where they see business at it stands right now, and what the challenges are for the future. As well as leaders, movers and shakers of travel, tourism, hospitality, our guests also include those that can bring new perspectives to the sector from law, architecture, governance and marketing . The extended podcasts can be found on our YouTube channel or as audio files.

The Adapters – On the Spot

The Adapters also gets out to some of the sector’s leading events to get close up and personal with the the adapters, innovators and influencers of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality. These short, sharp one-on-one interviews tap into the “buzz” and key issues being discussed at the event as well as the personal insights and predictions of individuals driving change and innovation in the sector. These reports have proved to be a hugely successful way of connecting customers, vendors and experts as well as engaging with online audiences and networks.